Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Malaysia-Europe Forum - Munich Spring Dialogue 2010

Satu lagi event yg Ana akan attend..dekat muenchen/munich..nak tau event ni pasal ape?ni Ana copy sejibik..sile bace :P

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz (former Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry) and the Board of Trustees of the Malaysia–Europe Forum (MEF) cordially invite you to attend the MEF-Munich Spring Dialogue 2010: “The Global Green Agenda: Securing A Sustainable Future”

The global economic crisis has raised fundamental development issues. These include the ability of the existing model of capitalism to sustain growth. New and alternative models are being discussed, based on renewable energy, sustainable, ethical and responsible business practices, green and soft technologies, environment-friendly policies and a back-to-basics culture.

event ni hari selasa..tapi hari sabtu ni Ana dah gerak ke munich..saje jalan2..nak gi neuschwanstein..Sleeping Beauty's Castle..heeee tak sabar plak nak gi :D

after this event..Ana akan gerak ke utara Germany..jalan2 gak since dah 3 tahun Ana dok sini tapi tak pernah lagi melawat atas sana..Ana akan wat special post tentang planning jalan2 tu..

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